hi DreamCatcher8,

'warning' message i was referring to is the resident MS 'shield' on the bottom right bar of my screen
This is supposed to monitor AV, Firewall and auto updates.
If you keep your AV updated, have a third party firewall or have the MS FW turned on (but not both) and visit Windows updates to download and install 'patches' then you can turn this monitoring feature off so it wont display the icon in the system tray.

Your log from Rootalyzer looks ok. This tool is used to check for possible root kit like activity on your computer. Root kits are malware and can hide from traditional antivirus and antimalware tools. This tool wont help with whats causing your crashes.

vsmon files are from zonealarm
If you uninstalled it via add/remove programs panel then it should be gone.

File:"No admin in ACL","C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs\vsmon_2nd_2007_03_08_21_16_46_small.dmp.zip"

look like leftover logs or text files.

related to me having xp home edition instead of pro
This is determined by what version of windows is installed on your machine

after i'm on the wireless network i go into Services and turn off WZC and that solves it
Have you tried setting the start up to manual so it wont auto start when you boot up. right click on the WZC in the service panel, select properties. cilck the stop button if its running, next change the start up type to manual, click apply then ok.

Crashes can be hard to isolate as for whats causing it. did it just start all of a sudden?
the default is to have windows reboot on a crash. you can change it in hopes that it will display the error which you can write down then do a hard reboot to get going again.

1. Click Start, and then right-click My Computer.
2. Click Properties.
3. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
4. Under System failure, click on the small box beside Automatically restart to remove the checkmark.
5. Click OK, and then click OK. hopefully it will dispaly the error and not reboot.

you could also visit the HP website. Most computer vendors have excellent information/troubleshooting sections and even forums for all kinds of problems.