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Thread: VISTA (X64) & Spybot S&D

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    Exclamation VISTA (X64) & Spybot S&D

    Has any one tested/tryed to install & run Spybot S&D On a Vista 64bit? Does it work?, I'm sure it does, since it runs 32 bit apps, but will, or does it slow the system down. Can any one enlighten me please. . Thank you I'M new to the forum but not to Spybot, just don't want to upset any body, by instaling it and then having Window crash. (Not fun). Vista seems so freaken sensitive. one looks at it wrong and it will refuse to boot.. .

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    Yes, Spybot-SD should work on Vista 64-bit. Just be sure to right click on the installer and click "Run as Administer" and then proceed.

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