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Thread: "Select some updates first" - but none displayed

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    Default "Select some updates first" - but none displayed

    I run Vista Home Premium SP1 + patches, SpyBot 1.6.2, SpySweeper and AVG Free 8.5.339. SPyBot is set to check for updates when the program is started. When SpyBot is started (via "Run as Administrator"), the progress bar moves to about 80%, then a dialog box is displayed saying "Please select some updates first" . Problem is, the normal dialog to select a download location and then select the updates is NOT displayed.

    I have un-installed SpySweeper,then re-installed it and un-installed AVG, but the same behaviour occurs after each un-install.

    SpySweeper and Spybot don't seem to gat on too well, as after replying to the dialog box, it takes about another 5+ minutes for SPyBot to display it's user interface window, during which time SpySweeper hits the processor hard. However, when the machine was rebuilt recently, I installed AVG, then SpyBot - and still the same behaviour was evident in relation to updating SpyBot.

    Anyone any ideas?

    Your hopefully,


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    Hi DeWrek,

    this problem isn't new. Please read through the following links:
    Updater warning message
    Please select some update files from the....
    Bug: Spybot & Vista 64

    I hope these threads will help you.
    Best regards - Beste Gre,


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