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Thread: Teatimer Runs After I Remove Spybot

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    Smile Teatimer Runs After I Remove Spybot

    Hello Everyone

    I had loaded an earlier version of Spybot some months ago, and was able to run it when I invoked it.

    About a month ago, I uploaded the latest version and my computer went very sluggish. I checked into this forum, and found that Teatimer can make demands on Virtual Memory - my computer's probably getting up there in age. I did a little background work and decided to remove the new version of Spybot, to try to go back to the older one that I would just run when I felt it was needed. I uninstalled Spybot, but found that performance was still very sluggish.

    Looking into this more, I found out that in some cases Teatimer.exe will still be on the computer, and it was on mine. I tried to find out where this file was, but although I saw a folder in Program Files that was about 4 MB long, there was no file that I could see. I deleted the folder, but still no change to the sluggish performance. I even went into MS-DOS (I run Windows XP Home, go to Run, type cmd) and couldn't see it in there.

    I then tried to call up the Windows Task Manager. Go to tab Processes and when I start my computer, as soon as Windows boots up, I call up Task Manager > Processes and can see Teatimer running (and gobbling up a whole load of my computer's virtual memory - so that's the problem). I then highlight Teatimer, and then hit End Process, located at the bottom right. After asking me if that's okay, I hit it and my computer performance comes right back!

    Sorry for this long winded enquiry. I first thought it useful to share to the group a way of getting rid of Teatimer running since there seemed to be few instances of problems with it, but my question to the forum is:

    How can I remove Teatimer if I can't see where it is? I run Windows Explorer > Search, and it doesn't turn up anything.

    Thanks alot,



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    1. Run the System Configuration Utility and delete the startup item TeaTimer.
      • Click Start, select Run
      • In the Open box, type "msconfig" (no quotes).
      • Click OK.
      • In the System Configuration Utility GUI select the Startup tab.
      • Locate the following Startup Item and delete it:
        • TeaTimer
    2. Reboot your system.
    3. Delete the following directory:
      • C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy


    The reason you can not see TeaTimer.exe is because starting with Spybot 1.5.2 some of Spybot's executables are hidden as protected operating system files. To see them:
    • Using Windows Explorer navigate to:
      • C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy
    • In the Tools menu select Folder Options…
    • In the Folder Options dialog select the View tab.
      1. Under the "Hidden files and folders" options:
        • Make sure "Show hidden files and folders" is selected.
        • Not "Do not show hidden files and folders".
      2. Uncheck the following option:
        • Hide protected operating system file (Recommended)
    • Click the Apply button.
    • Click the OK button.
    • The files should now be displayed

    Note: If you uncheck the "Hide protected operating system file (Recommended)" option to view Spybot's executables, I suggest that you return the option to its original setting when you are done.

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