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    Question Schedule scan

    Can somebody tell me the easiest way to set up a daily scan, say 8.00am morning, i would be most grateful,have done it in the past ,i have just forgotten.

    norman (nodger)

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    norman (nodger):

    Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode > Settings > Scheduler > if the Edit button is grayed out click Add > click the Edit button. You should now be in the Spybot- Search and Destroy – Scheduled Task dialog. In the Task tab look at the "Run:" line of the dialog. You can add/change the "command line parameters" the end of the "Run:" line.

    For additional information on scheduling parameters that can be used, see the following:

    Spybot uses the OS scheduler. In Windows XP the user account that adds the Schedule Tasks entry must have a password. See:

    There is workaround for the password requirement in Windows XP that 100mill was considerate enough to share with us. See the following thread:

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