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Thread: Windows Live One Care Winss.exe Remedy

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    Default Windows Live One Care Winss.exe Remedy

    This remedy is not a download or a scan of any sort, only a change to some settings. My PC had almost become unusable so I suspected a virus or a hacker since my CPU would not quit processing.

    Windows Live One Care has an issue with MS Office 2007 and\or two process's named "Peername Resolution Protocol" and "Peer Networking Identity Manager" (Vista OS) that behaves just like an infection where the processor runs at 90 - 100% while the system is idle which looks like a virus or malware which causes freezes, slow speeds, apps not working right etc - etc. I am running XP and spent several day's looking for a fix from MS Support plus many Google searches on this issue. This issue has been in the MS forums for over a year. MS is aware of the problem but they don't or won't provide a patch or update (just my opinion, i could be mistaken but i doubt it).

    The problem is the winss.exe file in WLOC runs nonstop for some reason which I don't know and uses 40 - 60% of CPU recourses with the other running processes use the remainder. Open Task Manager then click on process's and you will be able to see if this is your scenario. I am knowlegable about PC's but not a brainiac in this area.

    The solution is simple if you are on a single PC without a physical network (ie. other PC's in the house) like I am. In XP go to "Control Panel" then "Add/Remove Programs" then "Add/Remove Windows Components" then scroll to "Networking Services" then double click to open the details window.
    Clear all of the "checkboxes" then "Apply and "Okay" followed by a power off reboot.
    In Vista you need to disable or remove the two process's mentioned above by going to MS Support Forums and do a search on the topic for specific details.
    I don't know about other set-ups such as multiple PC network issues but my PC has been running very well since I changed settings.

    I hope this info is helpful to someone here since it has helped alot of poeple on other forums with the same issue.

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