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Thread: Right Media - Browser detection

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    Default Right Media - Browser detection

    Hey everyone. I've got a Windows XP SP3 running and I'm curious as to why SS&D can't rid of a certain detection labeled "Right Media". It's come up many times and sometimes it doesn't show up. I don't think it's a huge problem because my computer isn't having problems or anything. I've tried rebooting and running a startup scan but nothing can get rid of it. It's source location seems to be a cookie somewhere but when I search the listed location (and trust me, I've SEARCHED) for it, it's never there. I'm just wondering if I need to do something special or whatever. Get back to me anytime you can. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Sallamaie,

    to Safer Networking Forums.

    Please be sure that cookies will be deleted when closing your Intenet Browser. Moreover, you can fix these cookies if Spybot shows them. But they aren't really a problem... sometimes a little bit annoying.

    Moreover, the ATF Cleaner can delete them as well. This tool is simple to use. It cleans temporary files from IE, Firefox, Opera and Windows, empties the recycle bin and more. It is a great tool to help speed up your computer and knock out those nasties that like to reside in the temp folders.

    Note: After you have used ATF Cleaner, the next boot time will take a little bit longer.

    If you delete them and Spybot is fully immunized, they shouldn't show up again.

    Happy Safe Surfing!
    Best regards - Beste Gre,


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