I have a friend who is on AOL. He has a small business and a web site for that business. Lately he's been getting HTTP 403 errors when he tries to view his website via AOL. His site is accessible if AOL is not being used. I've been tring to help him figure out if its an issue with AOL, or perhaps something on his system. I learned that AOL uses IE for the browser, so I decided to install the latest FireFox release and see if we can circumvent AOL.

We don't get HTTP 403 errors with FF, rather we simply get a 0 (zero). I installed Spybot S&D and downloaded all updates. We found only a single browser hijack and a few tracking cookies, but nothing else. I also ran HiJackThis, but that turned up a big nothing.

AOL swears up and down that they can access his site from their systems, but we've had another AOL user try it and they also get the HTTP 403 error. I would think that if it was AOL that FF would be able to get to the site because its independent of AOL & IE.

Anyone have any suggestions?