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Thread: memory error and runtime error

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    Default memory error and runtime error

    Hello. I had two errors when closing spybot. This is after removing some trojans with the help of one of your experts.
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    I get two errors. 0x085c40c2 memory reffering to 0x886df10 - memory could not be read. And runtime error 216 at 085C40C2.

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    We have analysed the Bug Reports that some users have sent us - and some have also reported this in the forum - there seems to be one thing in common:

    When you have Firefox or MS Outlook opened during the scan you will get the error message with the "runtime error 216".
    If you close your Firefox or MS Outlook during the scan the error won't come up. So please test this.

    As some users are getting the error message although there has not been no FireFox and Outlook installed so far, please test the following two files. Please download the old include files and the old advcheck.dll and restart your system after the files have been installed. Subsequent please run a scan.


    You will also find a thread about this problem in our forum:

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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