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Thread: Spybot shouldn't do this

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    Default Spybot shouldn't do this

    Spybot AUTO termiantes a process into malign list... He shouldn't, he should let it run and ask you if oyu agree with it (with a timer that, in case you're not there, it finish the process and askes again)...

    This caused me having to reinstall Web CEO

    Thanks... Move to where this is sopoused to be.

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    there has been a false positive which possibly relates to this. It was fixed with the update 2009-07-01.

    Make sure to fully update Spybot S&D and restart the TeaTimer after the update. You can restart the TeaTimer by rebooting the computer or by doing the following:

    * start Spybot S&D
    * switch Spybot S&D into advanced mode
    * navigate to tools - resident
    * disable the checkbox for Resident TeaTimer to close the TeaTimer
    * wait about 1min
    * enable the checkbox for Resident TeaTimer to restart the TeaTimer
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