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Thread: allofmp3 ???!!!

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    Default allofmp3 ???!!!

    Regards: U.K. music industry to sue

    Need some advice, should I stop using allofmp3?
    I have used them for about 2-3 months now and spend about $20-$40/week on music on some weeks, other weeks about $5-$10 because i am a big music fan.

    I dont want to loose any money or be affected by this. Should I keep using them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiggymiggy
    Should I keep using them?
    If the information posted in the link you provided is correct, why would you?

    A representative for the BPI said the organization's lawyers won't be going after any U.K. users of the site: "While it remains illegal to use the site, we aren't interested in taking users to task--what we are doing is targeting the site itself."
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