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    Exclamation Question about ActiveX

    Hi. I am very new to this and I am rather computer illiterate, as you will see from my question, I'm sure. I used to use Internet Explorer and didn't realize I had any other options until I came across Firefox. Now I use that. However, when I had IE I downloaded several ActiveX applications. I was just reading in the Spybot S & D Tutorial that there is a way to have Spybot list all the ActiveX Applications in your computer and it will label which ones are known to be safe and which should be removed. How do I do that? How do I get Spybot S & D to list them, etc. and then how do I remove the ones that need to be removed? I would really appreciate anyone's help with this! Thanks so much in advance!

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    Open Spybot,click Mode,then Advanced Mode,Tools,Active X.
    Entries with a green check in front of them are known to be legitimate,entries with a red sign in front of it are known to be a problem.Black entries are not listed in Spybot's data base.

    If you want to disable or remove one of the active x entries,click on it with your mouse to highlight it.Then,you can either click Toggle to disable the active x entry,or you can click Remove and then click Yes to the prompt to remove the active x permanently.

    You can return Spybot to default mode by clicking Mode->Default Mode.

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