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Thread: Email sending out someone else's spam

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    Default Email sending out someone else's spam

    I've looked through the threads but unfortunately don't understand a lot of it - I have no idea what name the virus (or whatever) may have. I am getting loads of Emails saying they have failed to deliver. They are not sent by me, but they have my Email address (Removed)
    My McAfee antivirus hasn't picked it up and Spybot Search and Destroy hasn't found it either.
    Apart from it using my electricity and slowing down my computer when I'm using it, I don't like the stuff they're peddling associated with my name. I'm also concerned about any other vulnerabilities it might cause.
    Can anyone help please.
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    Hello ronymaxwell,

    Spam is a problem for most people, one sets email filters and deletes spam that manages to enter the mailbox. Annoying I know.

    It is not considered an infection as such, rather a nuisance. Of course one should never click on links in spam, that includes the "Unsubscribe" link. If a user clicks on "unsubscribe" it serves to inform the spammer that your email address is working and ready for more spam.

    If you believe the computer is actually "infected" please follow the instructions in this link to produce a HJT log: "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Then start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum where an analyst will advise you as soon as available.

    Best regards.
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    Most likely someone has just used your email address as a cover for sending junk emails.
    That way you get all the complaints and all the failed to deliver messages.

    All they would need was to have collected your email address from a website somewhere - no contact with your computer would be required.
    Unfortunately just as anyone can send a letter using your name and address - they can do the same with a mass email - and there is no way to prevent this. The best you can do is restrict the places your email addresses are posted and don't use your main email address for public purposes - keep it for people and purposes you trust. Use throw-away addresses for less important more risky purposes - such as website registrations.

    Once your email address has been harvested by the spammers you either have to:
    1. Dump that address and get a new one
    2. Wait it out until they stop using it
    3. Install some Spam Blocking on your email client to try and filter the junk to a spam folder

    Several of my customers have had this problem and used SpamFighter Free to filter the rejected delivery messages.

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