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Thread: Spybot 1.6.2 update and Runtime Error 216

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    I renamed the old dll and updated via the regular way on my girlfriends laptop. To avoid confusion it is best to just rename the old dll and use the spybotsd_advcheck-

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    Default Same here-But mine Right after install IE8

    Upon closing S&D I get a pop-up box that says: "The instruction at 0x089740c2 referenced memory at 0x08c1e060. Memory could not be "read" Click OK to terminate. Once clicked another box pops up: Runtime error 216 at 089740c2.
    This started right after I loaded IE8. I knew better too, was buggy before.
    Any other theories?

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    I've had this problem recently too. I haven't posted on this thread before, although I've been keeping an eye on it!
    I just want to say thanks for the fix. I downloaded and ran it a little while ago and the problem seems to be resolved for me.
    Thanks again.

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    Default false sub seven crash

    Crash has been reported and I found the culprit. there is a flaw in Spybot-SD IE protection - SD helper. dll that causes this crash. For now I suggest going to add ons and disable it. It's not infected with sub seven but makes IE think it is.

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