I'm trying to remove all sites from my restricted zone. I have the current, updated SB installed, 1.6.2, and used undo on the immunization screen to remove everything except my hosts file entries (unrelated to restricted zone). I then used ZonedOut to remove a few thousand other entries (from IE-SPYAD, again, years old). There are 2134 entries that won't remove themselves, though. I've tried going through the settings in IE7 to delete them in internet options > security and I've tried removing them in ZonedOut - they keep coming back in the restricted zone. Some examples include "www.by.ru" and "*.www.goldcodec.com"

I've been using spybot's immunizations for years, and im sure some things are no longer included in the list. Could this be the problem? Deep stuff in the registry not seen by IE7's "remove" or ZonedOut?

Any ideas how to get rid of them?

Software info:
Win XP SP3
Internet Explorer 7 (not 8)