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Thread: Win32.Banload.aghb

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    Default Win32.Banload.aghb


    Recently, Spybot S&D gave me a false positive: Win32.Banload.aghb
    Here's some info I'd like to share the information with everyone.

    Click HERE to read the original forum thread.

    Gigajam Xtractor/Analyser

    Here is what Spybot S&D says:

    Win32.Banload.aghb: [SBI $4C93D42E] File extension (Registry key, nothing done)

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





    Special thanks to Bio-Hazard for helping me with this issue.

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    Thank you for reporting this false positive.
    Changes will be published with the next detection update scheduled for Wednesday 2009-08-19.
    Until then you can set this scan result to be ignored from further searches.
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