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Thread: Multiple iexplore.exe in task (list more than 2)

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    My system looks like it's running better.

    I have run MBAM and it's clean.
    I have Norton on auto update and scan so it has been running as well.

    As suggested, Combofix is deleted, system restore cleaned up.

    As of today, things are good.

    Do you know of a program that will be able to delete the older versions of programs that I have without the uninstall files?

    Would you suggest reinstalling the older versions to create a new log file and then uninstall?

    Just a way to clean up I guess.

    I can't say enough !


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    Hi Paul, It is always best to use the uninstaller if available. I suggest you visit the website of the program you are having issues with, look for support and ask them how best to proceed. If you find you still have issues, let me know what program and I will see if I have any information.

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