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Thread: I may be asking in the wrong place (newbie)

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    Default I may be asking in the wrong place (newbie)

    But I was going through my program files and found I have spybot 1.4 AND1.6.1 do I need both?

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    No you do not need two versions - are they both still functional?

    The current version is 1.6.2 - so both versions may be out of date.
    If you do not have 1.6.2 download from here:

    The cleanest uninstall would be to Undo any Immunisations from within the older 1.4 version (if this version is funtional) and then to run the uninstall for this version. Repeat for the 1.6.1 version. Then install the current v1.6.2 and reapply the immunisations if you want that feature.

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