Using S&D ver.; and,
Secure Shredder ver.
(formerly integrated into S&D
on WinXP service pack 3 as Administrator.
Used the "install Shredder as a separate application" option during the S&D installation.

Using the Shredder's built-in templates as an Administrator, the User account's temp, cookie, and cache files (template files) do not show up in the list for chopping away–only the Administrator's do.

Although these files get listed in Shredder while logged in as a User, it will not allow any deletions without Administrator privileges.

  • Is there a way to configure Shredder to delete the User account "template files" while logged in and using it as Administrator?

  • Is there a way to configure it to manage all User 'template files' as Administrator other than manually adding the files or giving Users the Administrator rights to do it themselves?