This topic has been bugging me for at least a year now.
I see similar questions but haven't gotten a straight answer for this topic.
As an IT professional, I have been using Spybot S&D as one of many powerful tools.
Many times I use Spybot to "fix" computers that have their internet disabled due to the nasty virus/malware on the computer. In other words, I have NO access to getting updates.
Up until the latest versions of Spybot I was able to run a scan immediately after install and clean the PC enough to where I could gain access to updates once the PC was more stable.
Lately, too many times I've been unable to use Spybot (1.6, and a few others) due to the required "you need to install detection updates first..."
For this reason I keep a copy of an older version just so I can get a headstart on cleaning.
Is there ANY bypass of this update requirement?? I understand the reasoning behind using the most recent updates, but using an "old" version for your first scan can be much more helpful than NO version at all.
I have Spybot on CD and USB and occasionally run across someone who needs help, and it's nice to use the USB in a pinch and not worry about trying to find update files first.
Is there an .ini file I can modify after install?

Thanks for any help.