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Thread: Bypass initial required update for non-internet access machines

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    Default Bypass initial required update for non-internet access machines

    This topic has been bugging me for at least a year now.
    I see similar questions but haven't gotten a straight answer for this topic.
    As an IT professional, I have been using Spybot S&D as one of many powerful tools.
    Many times I use Spybot to "fix" computers that have their internet disabled due to the nasty virus/malware on the computer. In other words, I have NO access to getting updates.
    Up until the latest versions of Spybot I was able to run a scan immediately after install and clean the PC enough to where I could gain access to updates once the PC was more stable.
    Lately, too many times I've been unable to use Spybot (1.6, and a few others) due to the required "you need to install detection updates first..."
    For this reason I keep a copy of an older version just so I can get a headstart on cleaning.
    Is there ANY bypass of this update requirement?? I understand the reasoning behind using the most recent updates, but using an "old" version for your first scan can be much more helpful than NO version at all.
    I have Spybot on CD and USB and occasionally run across someone who needs help, and it's nice to use the USB in a pinch and not worry about trying to find update files first.
    Is there an .ini file I can modify after install?

    Thanks for any help.


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    During the installation Spybot tries to download the updates.
    You can disable this function in the wizard itself.
    Just untick the checkbox in front of "download updates during installation" or "Download Updates immediately".
    The updates can be downloaded later on.

    For more information on updating please have a look at this link on our website:
    You can also download the updates manually.
    Here is the direct download link.
    Just download and run that file - it is self-installing.

    Please download the installation and the update file on another computer, copy these to a CD or USB stick and then install and run it on the infected computer:
    installation file
    Update file (run it after the installation)

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    Ok, so what you're saying is it CAN'T be done without also having this "includes" file?
    Is this a one time deal, where as long as I have the includes file with the installation file I can effectively run the program? (no need to get a NEW 'includes' file over time)
    That will work for me!

    Regarding the first part,yes, I usually always uncheck the option to download updates immediatey when working on a PC that is disabled from network/internet.

    Btw, the first 'link' in your message seems to be a dead link. Might need to update the canned message.

    Thanks for the info, I will add the "includes" file to my arsenal of tools.

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