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Thread: Download site causing problems

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    Default Download site causing problems

    When I downloaded Spybot from a recommended site, the site itself is now causing me a problem and constantly starting up in tandem with my web browser (Firefox). I want to get rid of it! The site is:

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    You are not very clear as to the exact symptoms of your problem.
    Has the "Home Page" been changed in your browser - or does an extra window/tab open that you are not expecting?
    Some websites offer to set themselves as your new homepage - if this is what you are observing.

    While the download site you used doesn't appear to be suspect it is not one of the recommended download sites suggested by the Spybot website - see this page for official download sites:

    A normal install of Spybot would not cause any unexpected windows to appear when opening your browser and it certainly doesn't offer to change the browsers homepage. Without knowing what you are observing it is impossible to advise a cure.

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