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Thread: Please wait scanning download directory

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    Default Please wait scanning download directory

    When i do a scan with spybot and at the end when it is on 593255/593255 it gets stuck on 'please wait scanning download directory' for a while.... Why does it do this??????

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    It might take a while for Spybot to scan your Download Directory(or directories),depending on the size of your download directory and the number of files contained in your Download Directory.

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    There seems to be a problem with your download directory/directories.
    At the end of the Spybot scan download directories are also scanned.
    Please have a look at your download directory/directories and try to disable it/them.

    You can do that this way:
    Please run Spybot - Search & Destroy and switch to the Advanced mode via the menu item Mode.
    Now select 'Settings' - 'Directories' from the navigation bar on the left.
    Then highlight your directory/directories by clicking on it/them.
    Then make a rightclick on it/them and choose 'Remove the selected directory from the list'.
    This should help to get the scan to work.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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