Hi Everybody,

I have an issue related to my small office network. I mean my office is small and my network too.

I have four computers in my network that includes two laptops and two desktops, all connected through wireless router of Netgear. For sake of reference convenience, I name them here as AL & CL for laptop & HS & CP for desktop. In fact these names are acronyms of actual names of respective computers. All these computers are protected by McAfee Internet Security program.

Now the issue is as follows:

1. HS & CP have excess to AL & CL as well as to each other. In other words, in network folder of HS & CP, all four computers are visible.
2. AL & CL are visible to each other but HS & CP are not visible to them.

I approached McAfee to see if it is an issue related to them. A gentleman named Rey called me yesterday and remote accesed AL & HS and spent almost one & half hours to find the problem. First he verified whether it is because of McAfee or not & verified it is not because of them.

Then he checked all services in both computers and found nothing wrong. Still he restarted all relevant services but no success. Pinged both computers from either end but failed to get reply. In brief he tried everything what he could think of going beyond the bounds of McAfee commitments of their own product but could not succeed in solving the issue. He wasn't ready to give up. It was I who had to request him to please end the support session. Finally, he left with the promise to find a solution if possible. He felt that their could be some issues with registry in AL & CL which is blocking them to access other computers.

Will anybody be able to guide me how to resolve this issue?

Also, if I am posting this thread in a wrong place, please excuse me as I could not find any other relevant forum. Kindly post it to a correct forum.

Best regards,

Rahul Dev