I use Norton 360 2009 and Avast! antivirus 4.8. Recently, i could not update and scan using Norton 360. The scan would just hang. So i downloaded avast! and it alerted me of 2 virus found. Both were unrepairable. They are virus in the system file\drivers. The only option they gave was delete or ignore. But i can't possibly delete system files. What should i do? The location of the virus is C:\windows\system32\drivers\rotscxbnyijievi.sys. As a result, i could not visit any antivirus website. Although i can use the internet, it keeps prompting me that i cannot connect to a server when i use a program for help i.e. windows help, Norton Symantec corporation. Avast! has alerted me for a boot scan time and again. I have already done that but there is no difference at all. The virus still persists and could not be detected manually(even in hidden folders). So, pls pls tell me what i should do to get rid of this threat without losing any information and program.. Thank you.