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Thread: Locked-up with Trojan-Downloader.JS.multi.CA, PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Locked-up with Trojan-Downloader.JS.multi.CA, PLEASE HELP!

    My apologies for posting this question as I'm sure it has been asked many times before. I've been up since last night at 2AM trying to fix this and my eyes are getting tired. My whole body is getting tired, yes?

    Initially it seemed as I had some control of the computer, but as I migrated to ***format c:/***, it locked me out totally. I think all that I have now is a black screen.

    I have ordered another hard drive but would REALLY like to fix this and thumb my nose at the B*****d that did this.

    Problem is that I am helpless.

    Is there a start-up disk that I can make to get outside of this trojan?

    ANY help, and I mean ANY help is greatly appreciated!

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    Medford, Oregon

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