I have been working with a person on an Internet Explorer Forum trying to resolve a Pop-Up problem. He says I do not have the latest SPYBOT software, and need to update it. I am at v I have requested updates every week, and thought I was at the latest level. This is what he recommends:
I'd recommend that you (a) de-Immunize Spybot (IMPORTANT!), (b) uninstall
>> your current Spybot version & reboot, (c) download/install the newest
>> version, (d) do not enable Tea Timer, (e) update Spybot, (e) Immunize,
>> and
>> then (f) run a full scan before you procede any further.

I don't know how to de-immunize Spybot, and Immunize it again. He suggested I go to this forum for help.
Thanks for your time, Charles Ranheim