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Thread: Cannot delete install folder

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    Default Cannot delete install folder

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I had the nasty b.exe virus / malware that's been going around. It stopped all malware and virus scanners (closed them down after a couple of seconds then made them completely un-runnable thereafter)

    This happened to Search and Destroy.

    After uninstalling S&D and a few otehr apps and finally getting rid of the virus - I hope - with Spyware Doctor (PCTools) I now want to reinstall S&D but the old install folder is there and I cannot delete it. Its empty as far as I can tell, but even running as administrator (vista home) I cannot delete it. I noticed that if I remove the read-only flag, it turns back on right after I apply.

    How can I delete these folders and is it possible I have something else on the system still? I'm currently running an scan with Trend Micro to see if anything else is found.


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    Sounds like you are infected with a Rootkit. Then you won't be able to access Spybot in opening it and deleting it normally.

    But there is a workaround.
    I would suggest to download a fresh version from this link.

    Then have a look at this link.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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