I have recently detected bad behavior on two computers, one Vista one XP and I have no knowledge of how to deal with it other than trying to run Spybot SD which failed to fix the problems. So I suggest adding a feature to Spybot for users to notify your software of some suspect activity meaning it should go detect it and at least automatically post it to your database for the next release if it can.

My Vista problem started becoming visible as an attack on Microsoft Media Player especially when playing "the Church Channel" eventually blocking it while allowing other video sources to play. I soon noticed the TBN.org player download wouldn't run at all. Sometimes it would also attack the Flash player on TBN content. Eventually it would give Blue Screen Of Death when trying to play Church Channel. Finally if blacked the whole screen a few seconds after booting and wouldn't let me do anything. Somewhere during that I ran Spybot and it found a few cookies but didn't fix the big problem. Being able to get it to try to program a solution as an expert in my computer would be very helpful, saving me from taking the computer to the shop.

My XP problem is not quite a disaster yet - it appeared on Internet Explorer attacking Gmail.com by having it repeat indicate a sent email as a draft and a suspicious email was received from a known address sent to a yahoo address. I've never encountered such bad email routing before. I don't know if it is a problem on my system, a problem with Google, a problem on another person's computer or what.

Although I was trained in old style mainframe programming, I don't know how to identify any malware on the PC except by visual behavior as above. Please write an expert system to put yourselves in the box and solve problems at hand for users. Thanks.