Having looked around the Internet I see I am NOT alone! SpyBot completely destroyed my ability to login to my computer and the only solution I can see is too complicated as it also involves booting from a CD and my computer doesn't read CD's as that drive is broken. Having looked for a solution online (I am borrowing a friend's computer) I see that I am not alone here and that SpyBot has done this to NUMEROUS machines...totally frying them. Some people were able to recover their machines after 10-20 hours of working on them, but I am not one of them. I want to know what SPYBOT is going to do about this?? I am out my machine and all my files, works, kid's pics, everything! I also want to know if anybody has started a class-action lawsuit for I am HOPPING MAD! Especially since SpyBot is well aware of this issue with their software and neglects to post a warning informing people that their computer may get fried if they use their software.