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Thread: Updater runs under non-admin account in Vista but not administrator account

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    Question Updater runs under non-admin account in Vista but not administrator account

    Interesting issue I cannot find anywhere (at least, my keywords don't provide any forum results, and none of the FAQs cover this one). Any ideas what may fix this?

    Under Vista SP1, I have Administrator user account and non-Administrator user account.

    The non-Admin acct has the Updater icon on that desktop, and when run it searches for, displays, & downloads updates without problems. It is not necessary to Run as Administrator to find, see, choose, and download updates.

    The Admin acct doesn't have the Updater icon on its desktop. The main SpyBot app can be "Run as Administrator" OR NOT, and the Update/Scan for Updates buttons do nothing. The update window doesn't display, so it is impossible to "choose updates to download".

    Besides uninstalling & re-installing SpyBot, is there another fix?
    Is it possible to get the Updater icon onto the Admin acct desktop?

    Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I've never heard of a case where the Update buttons stopped working... I'm using Windows XP, and what I would do is go to Start>All Programs>Spybot-Search&Destroy. Now, from there I would hover my mouse over "Update Spybot-S&D" and drag that to the Desktop. Either dragging&dropping or I right click on that tab and copy&paste.

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    Try this:

    Go through Explorer (open my computer, right click on C:\ and click explore) and Copy + Paste the icon from the non-admin account's desktop to the admin account's desktop.

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