Since I installed Spybot S&D v1/6/2, I have had a problem displaying site after Immunizing with all boxes checked. I am running WindowsXP Home Edition w/SP3, and IE 8. Before I immunized, I was able to display this site without a problem. After I immunized with all boxes checked, I could not display the site. I then de-immunized with all boxes checked, and I could display this site again. I tried displaying this site from another PC running Windows 98SE with IE6. The site came up, but a message came up saying it blocked a pop-up offering me to sign up for an email account. (I am not running Spybot on this machine). I tried allowing Pop-ups in IE8, bit it still did not work. Is there any way to tell which part of the Immunization is causing this problem? Was it wrong to check all boxes during the immunization? Is there a way to allow this particular site to be displayed? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Charles Ranheim