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Thread: Tea timer is not stopping registy changes.

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    Default Tea timer is not stopping registy changes.

    I have Vista Home Premium 64 bit OS. In my old XP system, Tea Timer would warn me whenever an application wanted to change my start up registry. It does not warn me on my Vista system. Is the 64 bit OS the reason?

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    Lightbulb Teatimer

    Teatimer has became more simpler for our users to use, so that they are no longer receiving the mass amount of confusing popups. To get the old behavior back from treatimer, do the following:

    Right click teatimer's icon in the tray next to the clock. Choose paranoid mode. This mode allows teatimer to act exactly like it did before, warning of any changes to your system. For more information on teatimer, please see my blog here.

    Note: in order for this feature to work, make sure your spybot is up to date.

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