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Thread: Win32.Agent.wxr (possibly updated?)

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    Exclamation Win32.Agent.wxr (possibly updated?)


    I’ve been using the Spybot Search & Destroy suite for a very long time, and probably since it first was introduced to the public. I have always been concerned with computer security, especially when it comes to being online. I’ve even written software over the years to help friends and others out, among other things.

    Today, I’ve come across something very strange with my system. The other day, the Windows Sidebar went completely bonkers (you know, it won’t load up, execute, start or anything,) and there was virtually no cure for it. I fixed it though. Another problem raised, the Windows Automatic Update services has been saying, “Windows can't check for updates.” in the system tray as a balloon, and repeatedly has, even after further updates, upgrades and more patches.

    I had spent hours trying to figure out what was causing the “Windows can't check for updates.” message, but could not find any fixes and upon digging into my system, could not find anything. I suspect the virus that I was hit with was behind it; but not quite sure. Right now, I am looking at the “Windows can’t check for updates.” message, but what is funny, my system is according to Microsoft services, research and all, and that my system is completely up to date.

    Regrettably, I should have rebooted my system before sending this message, but hopefully there is no problem as there are no signs of any viruses or otherwise lurking around in memory or elsewhere, but I wanted to get this out just in case I can’t reboot my system due to damages due to these damn viruses. I don’t get hit with viruses very often, but when I do, boy do I find it annoying and say mean things about those who program them! LOL

    Anyway, I recently joined the Spybot Search & Destroy forums to post this message, introduce myself to everyone, and hang around for a while. I probably should of registered years ago, but I was never really the one to hang around message boards for long. Lately though, I’ve been finding myself clinging to them lately to help others, ask for help from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with “reading material”.

    My computer specifications are as follows:

    • TOSHIBA Satellite® L505D-S5965
    • AMD Athlon® Dual Core QL-65
    • 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM, 250 GB HDD
    • 15"6 HD TruBrite® Widescreen Display
    • ATI Radeon 3100 Mobility Graphics (256 MB/1403 MB)
    • DVD SuperMulti with LabelFlash®
    • Windows Vista Home Premimum SP1 (Upgraded to SP2)
    • Windows Experience Index: 3.1

    The Windows Experience Index of 3.1 is determined by the lowest score, for those who do not already know. This is low only because of the ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card.

    It seems that the Win32.Agent.wxr (from an article I read on here,) has changed/renamed to xwr32654.dll . I figured I would post this in case it has, everyone would be alerted/notified in advance.

    I have not checked my other computer that my other half uses, but will later today. I can't say much for the other systems, as they're running Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. (I suspect that Windows 7 can fall prey to this virus.) Well, you know what Windows stands for anyway, "Will Install Needless Data On Whole System".

    *ducks before the firing squad comes out!*

    I use Windows because I like it, hate the viruses. I like other operating systems, gives flexibility, experience and knowledge, plus it's fun!

    The attachment I posted contains only a result from Internet Explorer 8 (No Addons) and based on an article on here about disabling "D" and "H" from the Browser Helper Object (BHO).

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    Hello Guru19713

    Please follow the instructions in this link to produce a HJT log: "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Then start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum where an analyst will advise you as soon as available.

    Best regards.
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