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Thread: How to disable Immunize Feature

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    Default How to disable Immunize Feature

    I am using Spybot S&D v 1.6.2. Is there a way to temporarily disable the Immunize feature instead of de-immunizing to see if this feature is causing a web site to be blocked? It takes quite a while to de-immunize for a test, then immunize again. I had a problem getting to a Sams Photo Club site, and thought it was the immunize feature. I later found it was a security setting in my IE8 causing the problem. Being able to determine if the immunize feature is blocking access to a web site in a simple way sure would be a big time saver for me. Thanks for your interest. Charles Ranheim

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    We are sorry that there is a problem with IE8 and the Immunization of Spybot.

    Spybot - Search & Destroy adds sites to the restricted zones during the immunization.
    IE8 is proving every entry that is added to the restricted zones, so this is causing a hang of the software.

    Microsoft has released an update on the 9th of June which should fix this problem.
    So please make sure that you have installed the latest windows updates on your pc.

    If this does not help we can only recommend to undo the immunization.

    Please have a look at the news on our homepage:

    This has also been discussed in our forum here:
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    Please understand the issue I am speaking about IS NOT CAUSING A PROGRAM HANG! I just cannot get to a suspected site unless I de-immunize first. Once again, I am only trying to find a way to determine if my inability to access a site is caused by the immune feature in Spybot, or if it is some other reason like a secruity setting in IE.
    I read this in an earlier post: "You only need to disable the resident feature of Spubot S&D. And that is the way to deactivate it. Run Spybot S&D, switch to the Advanced Mode via the menu bar item Mode, hit yes, select Tools in the navigationbar on the left, select Resident, and there you can un-tick the check boxes in front of the two tools. ( only the upper tool was checked)"
    I tried this procedure, and it had no effect on unblocking my access to a restricted site. Please read my initial post again. Thanks for your assistance.
    Charles Ranheim

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    I am sorry that you did not get an appropriate answer.
    To disable the immunization you have to go to the immunization site and hit undo. That is the only way.

    You also mentioned to untick the checkboxes in front of the Tools SDHelper and resident TeaTimer. That will only disable those two resident features, but not the immunization.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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