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    Default again: immunization incomplete

    hello everybody,

    i am trying to clean up a friends computer that running slow for unknown reasons. well one reason is surely that it's old and doesn't have much ram...

    anyway it seems there's something else.
    spybot says no immediate threats found but i found over 1GB of temporary internet files, and spybot is unable to immunize the following:

    internet explorer 32/64
    all users/cookies 193
    domains 11510
    IPs 36
    secure domains 11510

    i think i tried everything but it's always the same result and the exact same number of not immunized items.

    machine runs on win xp sp3, i have recently installed eset nod32 antivirus 4, but previously it was using avira and before that probably f-secure. i did a full scan with nod32 and it found things and cleaned them i guess.
    i tried starting spybot vie scr-files and renaming the exe and from safe mode, i uninstalled firefox, ran spybot with only ie, installed a newer version of firefox, disabled the antivirus temporarily, disabled the firewall, tried reducing windows internet security to a minimum (that's where i found the temporary internet files btw)...
    and a few other things which i found in the forums...
    always same result.



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    Which browser version do you use exactly?
    Did you closed the browser while immunizing?
    Did you try to undo the immunization and then immunize again?
    Have you also used the "Check again" function from the menu bar above?
    Are you logged in as admin or as user with admin rights?
    Do you have other user accounts on your pc?
    Have you disabled all other security programs that might block the immunization?

    Also have a look at this link in our forum:

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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