I'm usually pretty good at bug fixing but this one is a real pain.

Cause - tried downloading a movie online, not sure what the site was

Effects -

Spybot has become a read-only file and is impossible to use. When I reinstall under a different name in a different folder it works until it is about to scan then shuts itself off and becomes another read-only file. The hidden .scr file cannot be located.

Clicking on unprotected links will redirect to random advertising websites like mom.com and other useless garbage. I have massive slowdown and the computer crashes all the time.

I tried downloading AVG and it located the viruses and trojans, said they were removed and after I rebooted it was the same problem as before. Except now when I use AVG is freezes up when it's about to scan the infected files. I could really use some help on this one. Can't seem to get anything working.