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Thread: TeaTimer dialog never appears any more

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    Default TeaTimer dialog never appears any more

    This has probably gone on for many months, actually, but I've simply not been aware of it until I thought about it just today. Even though TeaTimer is enabled I never, ever get pop-ups any more asking me to confirm/deny changes. It just doesn't happen. If I go into the logs absolutely everything says "Allowed (based on user decision)". What gives?

    I'm 99.99% sure I don't have any viruses or spyware because I update/scan regularly, so nothing there is interfering with the process. I do use AVG, SUPERAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes but I don't see why they would interfere.

    As I say I have not changed any Spybot options since it used to work, everything is enabled so I'm stumped why. It's not like I haven't used the computer to make changes so I don't think it's because of that.

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    Hmm, sorry for a double post but I can't see where to edit my original. Just to say a game I have that has a false positive (AVG still picks it up) that used to be flagged by Spybot does not any more, as I've just tried it for a test. Eh, maybe TeaTimer just isn't really going to work for me now, I don't know why.

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    Lightbulb please read this blog post:

    This will show you how to get teatimer to act the way you like.
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