When I get a message from Internet Explorer saying it cannot access a particular site, I would like to know if it is because it is on the Immunize list in Spybot, or if the access failure is caused by some other reason.

I am running Windows XP Home edition, Internet Explorer 8, and Spybot I have the Imminize feature activated. Under tools in Internet Explorer, there is a "Spybot S&D Config" item. When I click on this, under the "Settings Tab" it says: Blacklisted sites & files = 25,761, Cookies = 380.
Under "When encountering bad things", I have "Ask for Blocking Confirmation" selected.
When I display the tab "Allowed & Denied", nothing is recorded, even though I know the Immunization has blocked some sites. Is there some way I can determing if the Immunuzation feature is causing the blocking without having to de-immunize?
Thanks for your response. Charles Ranheim