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Thread: Terminal v1.9b - 20041226 - by Br@y++

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    Default Terminal v1.9b - 20041226 - by Br@y++

    I obtained this Terminal.exe from (can't remember) a while ago and now latest spybot 18.11.2009 detected it in my download directory and cried foul play. When executing it, TeaTimer gives the following into log:
    19.11.2009 21:16:39 Encountered and terminated Rbot.skp in D:\Download\Terminal.exe!

    Googling for this program tells that it opens telnet port 23 to do communication between serial and that telnet port. It may be the reason for this detection?

    I don't believe that this is relevant, but OPSYS is W2000 Pro SP3.
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    thank you for reporting this issue. I can confirm this false positive.
    The reason for this false positive is a different one. An erroneous detection rule flags all executable files that have a file size between 100000 and 1100000 byte, with no version information, no digital signature and file section properties that also match to some upx packed executables.

    A fix will be provided with the next detection update.
    You can tell TeaTimer to ignore/allow the detected file permanently, the same goes for the download file scan within Spybot S&D.
    If you need a fixed detection file you can contact us via email and we will send it to you.
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