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Thread: DVDDecrypter as hostile??

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    Default DVDDecrypter as hostile??

    Teatimer just killed DVDDecrypter (, though I optioned to let the executable run as safe! This is the first time this happens, I've used the program 100s of times in the past and never had such a reaction from Teatimer. It also deleted (!) the file after killing the process - or at least made it disappear - so I had to reinstall (same version since the program has stopped evolving since years). I'm ripping a dvd right now and Teatimer didn't do it again, possibly because I told it earlier it should let it run? This is so weird..

    Running on XPSP3, Firefox 3.5.5, S&D (updates as of today Dec 5th) and the resident log shows:
    5/12/2009 4:30:13 μμ Encountered and terminated 2Search in D:\Program Files\DVD Decrypter\DVDDecrypter.exe!

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    this is an issue that should not happen. DVD Decrypter should not be detected at all and the detection rules normally do not detect DVD Decrypter.

    Do you have other security software running with a real time protection?
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