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Thread: Windows Live Messenger Add-ons: Safe or Dangerous?

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    Exclamation Windows Live Messenger Add-ons: Safe or Dangerous?

    I'm having a heavy dilemma. I want to add some more features to my WLM, by installing add-ons, but all of them seem to have malware issues.

    Messenger Plus! Live:
    It contains optional Sponsored progam which is Swizzor or LOP trojan. Even if sponsor is not installed, the EULA and Privacy Policy look strange and I don't know should I install this add-on.

    WOT yellow mark for website:

    Messenger Discovery Live:
    The website seems to be dangerous altough WOT marks it green:

    The main address is worse:

    I this add-on doesn't seem to be safe.

    Stuff Plug:
    WOT marks light green, altough again reviews give red status:

    Please give reviews about this one.

    I have no idea. Softpedia shows it as freeware (not ad-supported)

    No WOT website results for this one.
    It seems useful only for adding Facebook and Gmail accounts.

    If you have found some useful and safe add-ons for WLM, please post it here.

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    Your query is a bit... vague in general. To be blunt, I can just say, do you really need the add-ons? It is deem necessary?

    WOT itself is probably reliable in general, but not enough if you should proceed to install the add-on while ignoring the site feedback.

    I say, it is the red ratings for some of the sites you have referred too are pretty credible. I doubt you will have 10+ [dishonest] users giving the same, negative feedback.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom K.
    I'm having a heavy dilemma.
    Feel free to test out the features these sites offers with their add-ons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom K.
    If you have found some useful and safe add-ons for WLM, please post it here.
    I can "spam" this thread with hundreds of redundant, legitimate add-ons for Windows Live Messenger and it won't make a difference.

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    Hi Tom,

    Personally I would try using a more feature-packed instant messaging client rather than an add-on because AFAIK Windows Live Messenger does not have a specific framework for developing add-ons and therefore compatibility issues are more likely to arise. Alternative IM clients that I like are Pidgin or Digsby. Both have support for multiple accounts, with Digsby also having support for Facebook and Myspace social networks. Pidgin has a large directory of add-ons which extend this already capable messaging client further.

    When installing Disgby make sure you look for a crap-free installer as there was a big kerfuffle about their regular installer serving up adware...

    Reputable download sites like Majorgeeks and Filehippo should have the crap-free version of the installer, so I would look on those sites.

    You can find a good comparison of the most popular instant messaging clients in this article:

    Hope that helps a little!

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