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Thread: FEATURE REQUEST - Run Spybot program at low priority?

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    Exclamation FEATURE REQUEST - Run Spybot program at low priority?

    Sorry for placing this here, but I get an error when I try to start a new thread in the Feature Request area.

    I know that the Spybot Settings allows the scan to run at a lower priority. However, I would like to be able to run the spybotsd.exe program at a lower priority.

    I have several computers that I do not maintain on a daily basis that check for updates on login using the command line switches:
    spybotsd.exe /taskbarhide /autoupdate /autoclose

    It would be WONDERFUL if there was a command line switch like /belownormal or /idle that allows spybot to run at a lower priority.

    Even better, it would be terrific if SDUpdate.exe had some command line switches so it could run and update in the background without loading the entire Spybot program!!!
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    I should be possible since when you go to the start menu, you can update spybot without opening it.

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