First off, I love Spybot, you guys rock.

I have been looking everywhere for a program that can analyze a large amount of files (like spybot does) and search for corrupt files, ones that won't load if you click on them (having nothing to do with the computer needing to defrag).

The way in which it would work is probably like the analysis part for defrag in that it finds the bad sectors of the file, and then it just reports the percentage of errors within it or something.

To give a better idea of what I am talking about, the closest thing I have found is MP3test which is a program that analyzes mp3 files and states the % errors and other stuff based on a few things it checks for. The problem is that when I ran it it found 100% errors on files that worked perfectly..so there is definitely a flaw in their system. And it only checks mp3's

What I am looking for is something that tests all types of media files, maybe even programs. Is there anyway you guys could try to make this happen? I'm sure it would be up there with Spybot if you are able to.

Thank you.