I'm pretty new to using Spybot so I'm not sure if I've got this right (bear with me). I installed Spybot and Roboform yesterday. At first, the Roboform toolbar was displaying and functioning fine in IE 8 (Windows 7 64 bit), but after I closed the browser and re-opened it, the toolbar was gone. It didn't appear in the toolbar list (view menu) and was gone from the "manage add-on's" dialog. I noticed that the Spybot Resident log had a few Roboform entries in it and they were marked as deleted. So I'm guessing Resident is killing off Roboform but, like I said, I don't understand how it works well enough to be sure. Maybe I need to specify some kind of exception in Resident so Roboform can function without being disabled by Resident? Any help would be appreciated.