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Thread: Stealing Personal Information

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    Default Stealing Personal Information

    Dear Blade81: Sorry, but was away for a while and my last thread got placed in Archive so I couldn't reply. Now I'm being told the text I tried to enter (my logs) is too long. How can I get you these logs and not exceed the character limit?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    On 09-12-07 Blade81 wrote:


    Download DDS and save it to your desktop from here or here or here.
    Disable any script blocker, and then double click dds.scr to run the tool.
    When done, DDS will open two (2) logs:
    Save both reports to your desktop. Post them back to your topic.

    Download GMER here by clicking download exe -button and then saving it your desktop:
    Double-click .exe that you downloaded
    Click rootkit-tab and then scan.
    Don't check
    Show All
    box while scanning in progress!
    When scanning is ready, click Copy.
    This copies log to clipboard
    Post log in your reply.
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    I don't help with logs thru PM. If you have problems create a thread in the forum, please.

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    Hi steve42,

    If it has been four days or more since your last post, and the helper assisting you posted a response to which you did not reply, your thread will not be re-opened. At that point, if you still require help, please start a new topic and include a new HijackThis log with a link to your previous thread. Please do not add any logs that might have been requested previously, you would be starting fresh.
    "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Best regards.
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