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Thread: autoupdate is requiring input

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    Default autoupdate is requiring input

    I apologize if this is answered elsewhere:

    I've been using the TeaTimer component of Spybot-S&D version I'd like to automatically update the program using Windows Task Scheduler. I tried SDUpdate.exe /autoupdate /autoclose but I get the following dialog which is requiring input. Is there a way to automate the update process so that input is not required from me? Thank you

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    I am not a big fan of running commands to do the job, even though it usually gets it done... but! This looks like the installation screen of Spybot-Search&Destroy . _ .

    I do, however, think that you can update TeaTimer manually and that gets the job done. Why? Merely, because newer TeaTimer builds are not released frequently. It is once in a while... maybe every few months.

    So what you want to do is to open Spybot and just simply update. See if you can find a TeaTimer update among the list of updates available. The latest build... should be 1.6.2 if I'm correct.

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    To my understanding, that installation screen is an update - a major program update from your current version of Spybot ( to the latest version (1.6.2).

    Update to the latest version and your parameters should work without user input.

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