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Thread: redirected hosts file False Positive

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    Default redirected hosts file False Positive


    Excellent S&D product.

    S&D has started to flag and as bad redirected host file entries. Several sites such as McAfee SiteAdvisor ( and hpHosts ( reports these sites as engaging in malware distribution.

    So far I am ignoring S&Ds recommendation to remove the entries from my hosts file.

    Any other suggestions?


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    I have checked the site and it appears that the only reason why McAfee SiteAdvisor is marking this site as malicious is the download for Foxtool.
    This however is a false positive on McAfee's part. Foxtool shows no malicious behaviour and SiteAdvisor does not even flag the original author's website, is a mirror for Foxtool.

    As for hpHosts hosts file, this appears to be a false positive as well. If you use a custom hosts file we recommend using the MVPs hosts file which has very good maintenance.

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    Default OK, thanks

    Hope whoever owns clears the "bad" flagging with the multiple sites reporting that they distributing malicious software.

    Thank you for the follow up.

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