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    Default Registry Key created by GPO...


    I appreciate the product
    however, I'm getting this particular "detection"
    every time I scan the system,

    and I finally traced it to how it occurred
    and now I'm getting around to reporting it back:

    One specific legitimate registry key can be manually created in the registry in XP Home or simply through a GPO in XP Pro & Win2K Pro

    the key is:


    this key is created by opening Group Policy Editor and navigating to:

    User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar\

    and modifying the item:

    "Remove Search From the Start Menu"

    from "Not Configured" to "Enabled"

    the thing is, that I've also:
    turned on: Remove "Documents" from the Start Menu,
    and: Remove "My Pictures" from the Start Menu,
    and: Remove "My Music" from the Start Menu,
    I've turned off: User Tracking
    I've turned off: Personalized menus
    I've turned off: "Notification area cleanup" ("inactive" Icon hiding)
    I've turned on: "Do not keep history of recently opened documents"
    and I've turned on: "Clear history of recently opened documents at log off"

    and the only one that's detected is that "Search" is removed from the start menu

    so wouldn't that make it a false positive,
    as the others aren't also detected as functionality changes?
    I think more people would be freaked out if their recent document history & my documents item & my pictures item disappeared rather than just the lowly old "Search item.

    Keep up the good work!

    XP-Pro SP3 2 Machines
    Win2k-Pro SP4 4 Machines

    why do I get logged out while typing?
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