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Thread: False positive in Adobe Reader 9.3 update?

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    Default False positive in Adobe Reader 9.3 update?

    I just updated Adobe Acrobat Reader from 9.2 to 9.3. I have SpybotSD running in my tray. Immediately upon updating, the Adobe Reader program was opened and then SpybotSD announced it had found malware and recommended deleting the file, which I did. Now I cannot run Adobe Reader. Is this a false positive?

    OS = Windows XP Home Edition
    Browser: Firefox 3.5.7

    Process ID: 3536
    Filename: AcroRd32.exe
    Found in: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader9.0\Reader\...
    Identified as: WarezP2P.cck

    SpybotSD txt report attached as zip file. Thanks.

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    please make sure to fully update Spybot S&D and to reboot your computer after that update.
    Adobe Reader should not be detected by Spybot S&D, if the detection should occur again please send the respective file to with a reference to this thread.
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    Default thank you


    Updating SpybotSD and reinstalling Adobe Reader seems to have corrected the problem. Thank you!

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